Helping Singaporeā€™s
Businesses with
Lower-carbon Solutions

Industries we work with:

Assess and provide feasible energy supply options and cogeneration solutions to meet customer requirements, with decarbonization pathways that include green hydrogen, e-methane and others

Data Center

Help owners and facility managers to monetize their roofs by installing solar PV systems for their internal consumption or electricity sales to the grid


Convert boiler from oil-fired to gas-fired, to reduce their energy costs


Carry out factory walk-throughs to address leaks or insulation issues, and advise customers on equipment selection and usage that improve their energy efficiency


Arrange for temporary gas supply via cylinder tanks while laying the gas pipeline to meet customersā€™ project timeline and requirements

Waste Management

Evaluate the pros and cons of various gas supply options for customers to understand and meet their requirements over the long-term supply period


Build, own and operate cogeneration systems to reduce electricity reliance on the grid, and achieve higher efficiency through utilization of heat while stabilizing customersā€™ electricity contract pricing


Perform gas inspection and install additional meters to enable customers to monitor and optimize their energy consumption


Source and recommend electricity quotes to suit their electricity contracting needs

Food & Beverage