What We Offer
City OG is moving beyond natural gas to cater a wider array of lower-carbon services and solutions for you. With the rich expertise of our century-old parent companies, we are now an integrated Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) provider that provides bespoke consultancy services for our clients to enjoy a wealth of energy solutions for long-term sustainability.

We have introduced solar as a carbon-free service for our customers to enjoy the benefits of harnessing this natural form of energy without the heavy upfront investment. By managing the installation, operation and maintenance of a solar photovoltaic system tailored to your business’ needs, we will help you to lower your overall carbon footprint without compromising your profits.

We will also be assessing and installing modern steam and cogeneration (combined heat and power) systems to further help you manage your business costs. This will help accelerate your lower-carbon transition in tandem with national and global environmental goals.

View our full suite of business solutions below:

Energy Consultancy

We assess the energy supply options that fit your site, financial and ESG considerations. We conduct energy diagnosis to identify areas of improvement in your plant systems to optimize energy utilization and assist to select solutions which best suit the company’s needs.


We have established many customers’ natural gas infrastructure, provided pipe inspection services and can enable you to receive gas supply via pipeline or trucking.


By installing solar panels on your rooftop at our cost, we enable you to tap clean and renewable energy, that helps to lower your energy bills at the same time.

Find out more on www.suncityenergy.com.sg


We assist you to optimise your electricity contracting, and participate in demand response or interruptible load programmes to gain extra revenue.


We design, build, own and operate cogeneration systems to meet your electrical and thermal needs.


Install a new boiler or replace your aging boiler with us, and enjoy upfront savings!