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27 July 2023

City OG to launch new services in move to prepare customers for a net zero future

  • Joint venture between City Energy and Osaka Gas marks 10th anniversary with plans for sustainable
    energy solutions including solar, steam and co-generation
  • Launches new logo to reposition City OG as an integrated Energy-as-a-Service provider

Singapore, 10 May 2023 – City OG Gas Energy Services (City OG), a joint venture between City Energy and Osaka Gas, celebrates its 10th anniversary today with plans to prepare clients for a net zero future with green energy solutions including solar, steam and co-generation.

The company, which brings together two century-old energy providers, has also launched a refreshed logo to reposition itself as an integrated Energy-as-a-Service provider that helps businesses transition to a more sustainable way of operating. It will provide consulting expertise, customisation and advisory services, among others.

For a start, City OG will launch solar energy leasing as a service for customers to enjoy the benefits of carbon-free solar energy without the heavy upfront investment. Businesses will be able to take advantage of lower electricity costs with a customised solar PV system installed on their rooftops, while City OG will manage its installation, operations and maintenance. The customer only pays for the solar electricity generated and used.

City OG will also help its customers to assess and install modern low-carbon steam and cogeneration systems, which can reduce their energy costs. Co-generation systems, or combined heat and power systems, can generate electricity and heat (in the form of steam or hot water) with greater efficiency.

Established in 2013, City OG has enabled numerous companies to assess and convert their diesel or liquified petroleum gas supply to natural gas, which is the most environmentally friendly fossil fuel. It has also helped to establish its customers’ natural gas infrastructure and currently supplies natural gas to nearly 70 industrial customers.

City OG leverages the local domain network of City Energy, Singapore’s sole piped town gas producer, and the technology and expertise of Osaka Gas, Japan’s second-biggest natural gas provider in Japan. It serves various industries including electronics, food and beverage, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing.

At its 10th anniversary celebratory event today, Mr. Jopy Chiang, Chairman of City Energy Board and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Keppel Infrastructure Trust, said: “I congratulate City OG for a successful 10 years of collaboration and wish it more success as it pivots to become a multi-faceted sustainable energy solutions provider.

“The urgency of the climate crisis has made it clear that everyone must take swift action to address the issue.”

Mr. Chiang noted that the launch of solar leasing as part of City OG’s core Energy-as-a-Service offering is just the first step. “Indeed, City OG’s transformation to become a multi-faceted sustainable energy solutions provider is timely. City OG is well-placed to help customers address some of the challenges on their green energy journey, from infrastructure constraints to a lack of expertise, switching costs and limited access to financing,” he said.

“We are confident that City OG’s customised Energy-as-a-Service offering, which will include low-carbon gas, steam, co-generation and solar, will support our customers’ sustainability efforts in the coming years,” Mr. Chiang added.

By offering a comprehensive range of custom solutions, City OG can help businesses clear the roadblocks ahead in the drive to sustainable, long-term growth.

Mr. Keiji Takemori, Managing Director of Osaka Gas, Head of Energy Resources and International Business Unit, said: “Today we reached a milestone in the growth of City OG. Building on the best of Singaporean and Japanese know-how and technical knowledge, we hope to lead the way for businesses to accelerate their sustainable energy journey for the next decade and beyond.

Mr. Takemori added: “Both in Singapore and in Japan respective Carbon Neutral visions have been set in place and we are striving to realise these visions. We are determined to contribute to the success of our customers, Singapore, and Asia through our business initiatives, and to work together for creating a sustainable future.”

Mr. Tan Jun Jie, CEO of City OG, added: “We are excited to embark on a new journey with a new brand identity to help our customers reach their sustainability goals by offering innovative and greener solutions.

“With City Energy’s strong business base in Singapore and Osaka Gas’ wide experience in energy solutions, we will continue to innovate, guide and empower businesses to tackle their decarbonisation goals. We believe that by working together, we can create a more sustainable future for all.”

In 2021, City OG announced that it is part of a consortium of companies set up to study the feasibility of a long-term, stable supply chain of sustainable liquified hydrogen from Western Australia to Singapore and potentially Japan.

In 2022, City OG announced that it is part of a consortium of companies conducting a feasibility study on a methanation project in Singapore. Methanation is a chemical reaction that converts carbon dioxide (CO2) and hydrogen to methane (synthetic methane), which is carbon neutral when converted from CO2 and green hydrogen that is produced from electrolysis powered by renewable electricity.

About City-OG

Established in 2013, City-OG Gas Energy Services (City OG) is a joint venture between City Energy, Singapore’s sole piped town gas provider and leading green energy solutions provider, and Osaka Gas, the second biggest natural gas provider in Japan. Operating in Singapore, City OG is transitioning to an integrated Energy-as-a-Service provider, offering sustainable energy solutions including solar, steam, and cogeneration systems. The company is committed to supporting businesses in reducing their carbon footprint and operating in a more environmentally conscious manner.

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